Daisy Ductless selected for installation in 104 apartment units in South Florida

A Florida Professional Engineer has recommended installation of Smart Ventilation’s¬†Daisy Ductless mechanical ventilation systems for mitigation of radon in 104 apartments in Florida’s hot, humid climate.

SmartVentilation’s Daisy Ductless modules may be installed quickly without disturbing occupants, and do not require any restoration of finishes or new construction such as soffits, new ducts or connections to air conditioning systems.

“The Daisy Ductless technology addresses and solves humidity issues of radon mitigation in hot, humid climates by well thought-out design, ¬†features and control systems.” JH, P.E.

Remarkably, the Smart Ventilation, Inc. manufactured Daisy Ductless¬†ventilation system can be completely installed from indoors without creating a mess or requiring any finish restoration, (Using SmartVentilation, Inc’s custom boring rig)

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