December 28, 2017

Fresh Air Magic Features

Fresh Air Magic's Unmatched Features

Features that make a Big Difference

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Type III Filter

  • MERV 14-15 particle removal

  • removes about 95% of nearly everything: pollen, mold spores, smoke, soot, PM2.5

  • 24 month service life

  • Easily serviced from indoors, without tools, even on upper floors

Daisy Ductless:

  • Air mover / filter module

  • adjustable air flow 0-70 cfm

  • accurately operated by fully automatic controller


outdoor appearance:

  • left image ground floor

  • right image upper floors


indoor appearance:

  • daisy Module is recessed flush with drywall surface

  • honeycomb laminar airflow generator keeps air circulating high in the room to assure unnoticable, uniform distribution 

Indoor air quality controller:

  • constantly analyzes indoor air quality

  • precisely adjusts airflow rate to maintain indoor air concentration of 600 parts per million CO2

  • in the event indoor relative humidity exceeds 60%, system shuts down temporarily to prevent high indoor relative humidity

Daisy Ductless:

Some basic information describing the major advantages of the Blue Boar “no-mess, no restoration” core drilling rig, the MERV 14-15 filter and the ease with which the filter may be serviced from indoors in high rise residential buildings, 

A much needed Multihousing  Technology Upgrade:

The Daisy Ductless is rapidly replacing the old Fresh Air Ventilation Technology that created moisture, mold and moldy odor issues as well as caused residents’ comfort issues during severe outdoor weather which caused residents to turn them off

Major brain function and sleep Benefits of mechanical ventilation:

Recent research conducted by the Harvard school of public health and by the lawrence berkeley national laboratory have proven that cognitive function can be improved by 26% to 300% as well as sleep

With the Right Technology, fixing Radon is NO Big Deal

The IAQ controller constantly measure carbon dioxide and if folks are home, carbon dioxide will increase which increase will be determined by teh IAQ controller and it will turn on and adjust Daisy speed up to the correct speed to mitigate radon while the home is occupied

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