December 28, 2017

Fresh Air Magic

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Fresh Air Magic, LLC

Quick, Affordable Indoor Air Quality solutions & enhancements

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Air Quality Solutions & enhancement

Luxury Apartments

The preferred retrofits that please lending institutions as well as discriminating tenants

Affordable Housing

The exact same excellent indoor air quality and comfort as in the most expensive residences. Indoor air quality that will make a real difference

Multi Housing

High rise, low rise, large, small. Quick (2 hours in and out the door) with no return for restoration. Residents may not even know we were there


Radon and CO2 issues quickly resolved from first floor to top floor penthouse

High Rise

Installation from indoors without need for any outdoor access. No new construction. No dust, no paint, no cleanup.

Single Family detached

No matter how large or how small. Often, because of careful design, no permit required = Next Day Installations

About Fresh Air Magic, LLC

Healthier Men, Women and Children.

Oxygen-Rich Breathing Zone

Improved Cognitive Function.

Improved Sleep

Reduced Allergy and Asthma Triggers

Reduced PM2.5 Exposure

Reduced RADON exposure

Reduced VOC Exposure

Improved Indoor Relative Humidity Control

Building protection from moisture and mold damage

Group Members

Wayne Dean

Wayne Dean is the managing partner of Fresh Air Magic, LLC.,  with RADON, Mold and Indoor Air Quality Problem-Solving experience since 1986. Wayne developed an innovative radon mitigation approach that was patented in 1992. Since that time Wayne has developed many ADDITIONAL hardware, electronic and mechanical systems as well as innovative installation tools to solve almost all indoor air quality issues TO KEEP FOLKS SAFE, HEALTHY AND SMART

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