June 26, 2016


Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

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When my wife and I originally bought our condominium at XXXX Residential Place, Unit YYYY in Naples, Florida, the bank required a radon test to complete a bridge loan.  The measured radon level was 14.0 pC/l.  Our realtor located a radon mitigator to perform the mitigation on short notice to meet our closing date.

We had previously mitigated radon in our two homes in Ohio.  Admittedly, the sources there were geological deposits, rather than construction materials, but our experience mitigating radon here–except for the Smart Ventilation system–has been a horror story.

When we arrived in Naples to take possession, the system was an unmitigated disaster.  At a cost of $3600, the system simply blew hot, humid exterior air from a garage soffit directly into our living space.  When we complained, the mitigator said, “Oh, I forgot to install the dehumidifier for the system.”  After he installed the dehumidifier, we had to run the system 24/7 to maintain a lab-tested (Air Chek) radon level of 3.8.  Installing the dehumidifier did not reduce the cost of running the system: no matter whether our A/C system or the new dehumidifier conditioned the incoming air, it cost us $100 per month to maintain this marginal dehumidification.

We happened to meet Wayne Dean socially and discover that he was experienced in radon mitigation.  Discussing and examining our situation, Wayne came up with the design he is submitting to you.  It is not only ingenious; it is effective.  We have now been operating it for two years.  It introduces no humid, exterior air into our home, and it now costs us only about $3.00 per month to maintain radon levels below 3.0 pC/l.  Levels vary seasonally, but we have obtained Air Chek results as low as 1.8 pC/l.

The Smart Ventilation system Wayne is submitting is an outstanding system.  It may not work in all types of construction or mitigation scenarios, but it has been a godsend to us.  We hope you will approve it so Wayne can proceed with patenting it and we can begin to tell our neighbors about it.